Daatselaarsepad wooden shoe path

14.0 km

The Daatselaarsepad is a Klompenpad, or Wooden Shoe Path. These are walks that for as far as possible take you along unpaved paths, farmland and historic routes. For more information about the Daatselaarsepad, places to purchase the pamphlet and highlights along the route, click on the button.

Sights on this route

Starting point: TOP De Dennen
Utrechtseweg 22 43
3927 AT Renswoude

Utrechtseweg 34
3927AW Renswoude

Recreatieboerderij De Kleine Weide

Recreatieboerderij De Kleine Weide
Biesbosserweg 19
3927 CV Renswoude

Renswoude Castle

Dorpsstraat 3 -9
3927BA Renswoude
End point: TOP De Dennen
Utrechtseweg 22 34
3927 AT Renswoude
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