Cycling and hiking in the Utrecht Region

Utrecht covers a large region at the heart of the Netherlands and combines the best of two worlds. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoors with forests, rivers and sweeping polders, as well as bustling towns packed with inviting terraces, inspiring museums and medieval charm. Linking all these attractions are picturesque cycling and hiking trails that let you experience the best of both worlds during your visit to Utrecht. Thanks to an extensive interconnected network of bicycle routes and footpaths, cyclists and hikers have plenty of options in Utrecht, with towns and countryside always close by. So grab a bike or put on your walking shoes and come explore Utrecht for yourself.

Cycle node network

The cycle routes presented on follow the national cycle node network as closely as possible. As a result, you can cycle from node to node, all marked by green-and-white signs and a double-digit number. As the cycle node network is marked in two directions, it can be cycled both ways. For each themed route on this website, you can find the cycle node route under the Route Description tab. New to this system? Please watch a short film about the cycle node network.

Download GPX routes

You can also download our routes as GPX files to use with your navigation system.

Hiking node network

An extensive network of hiking trails criss-crosses the 'Green Heart' of Holland, letting you follow a route from node to node, all marked by orange signs with blue numbers and arrows. As the network is marked in two directions, it can be hiked both ways. A few of the routes do not follow the hiking node network. In that case, a detailed description is provided as a PDF or under the Route Description tab.

Hiking node network