The Netherlands is a land of water. A typical feature of 'The Netherlands: land of water' is the number of Waterlines in the country. Three of these lines are located in the provence of Utrecht. The Old and New Dutch Waterline, which have formed the backbone of our defence for centuries, and the Grebbeline, which served as a delaying for the Dutch Waterline. In the middle of the countryside, you will find the forts of the Waterlines together with embankments, locks, canals and bunkers. They form an ingenious system designed to protect the Netherlands from enemy troops during wartime. 

Many forts in Utrecht region are worth visiting; you can walk around the grounds and visit museums. Festivals and other activities are also regularly organised at the forts There is plenty to discover... We selected the most beautiful walking and bike tours along the Waterlines! 


Walk along the lines - Stroll through the greenery and discover the treasures of the Waterline

On a journey of discovery by bike - Past forts and through lovely fortified towns