Treek-Henschoten Estate

This expansive area with forests, nature, agriculture and heather covers nearly 2200 hectares.

The Treek-Henschoten estate is one of the largest private estates in the Netherlands. The current inhabitants of Treek-Henschoten are descendants of the founder of the estate, Baronet W.H. de Beaufort. In 1807, he bought the country seat with the surrounding woods and estates.

Walking and cycling

The Treek-Henschoten Estate is open to all lovers of nature. There are walking routes outlined on the various information panels in the different car parks, which are definitely worth having a go at:

  • Walking route Akkersesteeg (4,1km)
  • Walking route The Troet (4,5km)
  • Walking route the Ring Hills (4,8km)

For a beautiful cycling route, you can explore the Treek-Henschoten estate. There are paved cycle paths laid through the entire area.