Soesterduinen Sand Dunes

The sand flats in the Soester natural dunes create an inviting, slightly hilly area that is very popular for walking and cycling.

The dunes were formed during the last ice age. It is the largest and last open sand drift on the Utrecht Ridge. Places where sand can still spurt are quite rare in the Netherlands. This makes the Soesterduinen a valuable geological area.

The largest sand dune area in the Utrecht province in an experience in itself. The long and the short dunes offer plenty of opportunity for a beautiful hike, relaxed picnic, kiting or romping with the dog.

The long and short dunes belong to the last area of the Netherlands were actively shifting sands moves over a large surface. In 1997, the long and the short dunes were declared to be a geological monument by Utrecht province.


Soesterbergsestraat 140
3786 MD Soest
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