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At 1111 acres, the Linschoten country estate is the largest in the Randstad region. It includes a manor house with a park, waterways, historic farms, grasslands and forests. The park was redesigned by landscape architect Jan David Zocher in 1834. It is now a protected nature reserve that is home to many special plants, such as wild garlic, arum, Star of Bethlehem and wild hyacinths. So there are plenty of good reasons to visit!

The Linschoten country estate is a lovely starting point for exploring the surrounding polders on foot or by bike or boat. The traditional polder landscape is intersected by several watercourses: the Lange and Korte Linschoten, the Hollandsche IJssel and the Lek. Dotted amongst the polders are the picturesque old Dutch towns of Linschoten, Montfoort and Oudewater. There are several castles in the area, including in the nearby fortified city of Woerden.


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