Utrecht Lumen walk

1 hour (3.0 km) 4,615 steps

When daylight fades and darkness descends, Utrecht Lumen’s illuminated tales of the city come to life. These works of art shine a special light on the history, the residents and the function or symbolism of particular buildings and locations. Some light artworks play with architectural features. And many  are to be found in surprising places that are off the beaten track or might easily be overlooked during the day.

The artworks of Utrecht Lumen can be seen 7 days a week from sunset to midnight.

View all works of art by Utrecht Lumen here.

Sights on this route


The Pausdam is dominated by two historic buildings: The Paushuize or Pope‘s Residence and the University premises at the head of the Trans.


The dynamic history of the city is plainly obvious from looking at the Pieterskerk (Saint Peter’s Church), just as looking at the Saint John’s Church.

Lights of Saint Peter’s Church

Don’t pass them by, the Drift vaults, located right next to the Saint John’s Church. For many years, this hidden spot was considered a favourite for public urination - particularly under the cover of darkness.

Drift Vaults

The enchanting Jans light gives Janskerkhof square a fairy-tale appearance.

Jans Light

The Sint-Willibrordkerk (Saint Willibrord Church) is the best-kept secret sanctuary of Utrecht. What started as a hidden church is now an impressive Neo-Gothic construction, tucked away in an old residential block.

Saint Willibrord Church

Through an entrance at Ganzenmarkt, a tunnel leads to the Oudegracht wharves. In olden days, horse carts rode through this dark passage to the quay, where freight was loaded and unloaded with the city crane.

Ganzenmarkt Tunnel

The Oudegracht winds through the city centre, and is inextricably linked to its history. In the past, Utrecht owed its wealth to it, in the days when the Oudegracht was an elongated harbour area with markets on the bridges.


The final artwork of Trajectum Lumen is located at Buurkerkhof. Artist Gabriel Lester has designed a magical connection between the oldest parochial church of Utrecht, and its surrounding square.

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