Royal Route into the Woods

44.3 km

This route firstly goes through the polder district, and then runs through the beautiful woods around Baarn, Palace Soestdijk en the dunes in Soest. The route starts and finishes at the tourist information office (VVV) in Amersfoort. Between 15th April and 15th October, it is also possible to take the bicycle boat (

You can download this cycling route on your GPS device. It is also available in the Fiestroutes door Amersfoort en Omstreken booklet which you can buy at the tourist office in Amersfoort for €4.95.

Are you not in possession of a bike? It is possible to rent bikes at one of the bike rental agencies in Amersfoort or in the surrounding area.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Breestraat 1
3811 BH Amersfoort

Highland West Coelhorst

Coelhorsterweg 4
3828 PC Hoogland

Soestdijk Palace

Amsterdamsestraatweg 1
3744 AA Soestdijk

The Vuursche

Hoge Vuurscheweg
3749 Lage Vuursche

Soesterduinen Sand Dunes

Soesterbergsestraat 140
3786 MD Soest

Amersfoort Zoo

Barchman Wuytierslaan 224
3819 AC Amersfoort

Cavalry Museum

Barchman Wuytierslaan 198
3818 LN Amersfoort
End point: Breestraat 1


Starting point: Breestraat 1
3811 BH Amersfoort

This route starts from Breestraat in Amersfoort. Most of it follows the cycle network junctions. To reach the first junction, follow the directions below:

- Ride to the end of Breestraat and turn left after the bridge. Then take the first right, onto 't Zand. 

- Take the next left and then the first right immediately after that, through Bolderstraat and Achter het Oude Weeshuis.

- Next, turn left and continue on Bloemendalsestraat.

- When you come within sight of the train tracks, follow the bend in the road through the tunnel (Meridiaantunnel). After the tunnel, turn left and then right onto Hooglandseweg-Noord. Stay on this road and cross the canal at the end to reach cycle junction 83.

Follow cycle junctions 82 - 10 - 73 - 72 - 15 - 17 - 64.

At junction 64, turn left in the direction of junction 65 to view Soestdijk Palace. After that, return to junction 64.

To continue, follow cycle junctions 63 - 98 - 97 - 62 - 26 - 61 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 60 - 99. 

After junction 99, continue until you reach the water and then turn right. This will bring you back to Breestraat!

End point: Breestraat 1
Managed by: Citymarketing Amersfoort