Oudewater Waterlinie

(4.0 km) 6,154 steps

The route starts at a large car park on the edge of town. It then follows a lane featuring wonderful historic buildings, such as the Witches Weighhouse (Heksenwaag) and old city hall, dating back to the 16th century. The city walk will immerse you in the surprising history of Oudewater. The views are also breathtaking when gazing across the Grote Gracht canal, or standing on the edge of the market square. Architecture and wonderful vistas across the water combine near the end of the route, where the old fortifications can still be seen. Not only will you have learned how beautiful Oudewater is after your walk, but you will also understand how long this has been the case!

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Sights on this route

Starting point: Parkeerplaats
Waardsedijk 106
3421 NH Oudewater
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Rope museum

The Rope Museum is situated in the historic centre of Oudewater, in the original ropewalk. See, hear, feel and smell the story of the ‘Yellow Bellies’, as the town residents used to be called.



Much of Oudewater’s city centre is listed in the Register of Monuments. The 16th century Witches Weighhouse, located in the centre of this historic place, now serves as a museum.

The Witches Weighhouse


End point: Parkeerplaats
Waardsedijk 106
3421 NH Oudewater
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