Between Lek and Linge cycle route

(49.0 km)

This loop takes you past the loveliest spots between the Lek and Linge rivers. Discover delightful historic cities with a character all their own, and soak up the lush, green tranquillity of the Zouweboezem nature area. Along the way, you'll see ancient farmsteads and charming spots to take a break.

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Sights on this route

Starting point: Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Lingedijk 28
4142LD Leerdam
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National Glass Museum & Glass studio

Be amazed by the history and future of glass.


TOP Leerdam

Come see Leerdam's working windmill every Saturday afternoon! Ter Leede is open Saturdays from 13.00 - 16.00, provided the windmill is turning (also by appointment). Miller Bas de Deugd will be happy to tell you all about this mill's special history.

Windmill Ter Leede

Mouse Towers | Leerdam

Leerdam's origins as a fortified city are still evident in the south ramparts with their ‘mouse towers’.



TOP Ameide


TOP Lexmond

Vianen Castle “Op de Bol”

The first reference to Vianen is a document from 1271 in which Zweder I van Beusichem received permission to hold a market twice a year at his Vyanen Castle. The town of Vianen was still non-existent at that time.


Vianen Municipal Museum

Those wishing to learn more about Vianen, the history of the town and the artistic, cultural and historical heritage have reached the right place at Vianen Municipal Museum.


Large Pump/Vianen Town Pump

Take a walk down Voorstraat and you really can’t miss it: the town pump, also known as the Large Pump.


TOP Vianen, Ponthoeve

Hagestein dam complex

In the context of the Rhine canalisation, the Rijkswaterstaat constructed 3 almost identical weir complexes on the Lek near Hagestein, Amerongen and Driel, with which a large part of the Netherlands’ water management could be monitored.


Fort Everdingen

Destroyed towns and castles, plundering and domestic (and foreign) wars: every town and village has its own story to tell. Everdingen was put on the Dutch military map in the 19th Century as part of the New Dutch Water Line.


Wiel van Bassa

The Wheel of Bassa (also known as Schoonrewoerdse Wiel or Kruidhof Wheel) is a body of water measuring 13 hectares, making it the largest breakthrough wheel in the Netherlands.



Glass studio

Step inside the glassblower’s workshop at the National Glass Museum’s glass studio.

Glassblower makes a vase in the hotshop of the National Glasmuseum
End point: Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Lingedijk 28
4142LD Leerdam
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Starting point: Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Lingedijk 28
4142LD Leerdam
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This route follows the cycle network junctions, identified by the white-and-green signs with two-digit numbers. Follow the numbers: 57 - 59 - 60 - 61 – 62 – 20 – 21 – 05 – 06 – 02 – 10 - 11 – 12 – 13 – 40 – 52 – 44 – 45 – 46 – 48 – 57.  

Route starting point
This route sets out from cycle junction 57 in Leerdam, passes through Meerkerk, Sluis, Lexmond, Vianen and Everdingen, and finally finishes back in Leerdam. You can also pick up the route from any of the other cycle junctions along the way.

Historic Ameide

At junction 20, take a short detour towards junction 64 to visit picturesque Ameide! Likely one of the oldest cities in the county of Holland, Ameide's long history makes it a treasure trove of historic buildings, including an old town hall.

Near junction 20: Rest and recharge in the Zouweboezem

In the Zouweboezem between junction 62 and 20 you'll find an oasis of peace and calm with wonderful flora and fauna. A natural gem still undiscovered by most tourists, the Zouweboezem's marshland is a haven and nesting ground for a wide array of birds, including the purple heron.

History comes alive in Vrijstad Vianen!

Boasting more than 190 national listed buildings, Vianen is a beautiful city whose history is visible everywhere you look. The old city centre of Vianen is still home to many of the medieval fortifications, such as the city moat, city walls and gate known as the Lekpoort. Having cycled up an appetite, grab a terrace table on the bustling Voorstraat to recharge before continuing your journey!

Grab an ice-cold beer at Fort Everdingen on weekends

Dating from 1847, this tower fort is part of the New Dutch Water Line, built to keep enemy armies from crossing the Lek river and dyke and breaching the defence line. These days, the fort is home to a beer brewery.

Wiel van Bassa

Cycling along the Diefdijk, you'll pass the largest wiel in the Netherlands, a type of lake formed by a dyke failure. This one formed in the 16th century following a breach of the Diefdijk, and now covers an area of 13 hectares.

Leerdam: Glass city of the Netherlands

The opening of a glassworks in the 18th century marked the birth of a large-scale glass industry in Leerdam. Today, you can still watch glassblowers practise their craft at Royal Leerdam Crystal and in the National Glass Museum's workshop. Leerdam also has various other museums worth visiting and offers beautiful boat cruises on the Linge. After your bike ride, there's no better spot to quench your thirst than on a riverside terrace!

De Ponthoeve pancake restaurant

(near route)

Enjoy the best pancakes served up with a view of the Lek.

Stedelijk Museum

(on route)

Take a break to visit the Stedelijk Museum and catch the latest exhibition.

De Bakplaats bakery

Grab a delectable creation by a Dutch TV Bake-Off finalist!

Lekker Simpel tea garden

Take a teatime-out along the Lek.

Middelbroeck ice cream shop

Stop along the way for delicious, farm-fresh ice cream.

De Beren restaurant

Rest and recharge on De Beren's Linge-side terrace.

National Glass Museum & Glassworks

Learn all about glass and watch the glassblowers at work.

Fort Everdingen

Grab an ice-cold beer at Fort Everdingen!

End point: Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Lingedijk 28
4142LD Leerdam
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